Dr. Sue Ann Hurlbert, DVM with DogDr. Sue Ann Hurlbert is our Chief of Staff at HealthPointe. She has a Bachelor of Science from NCSU and received her DVM from NCSU-CVM. She has been working in the veterinary field for over 37 years, and her experience spans standard veterinary medicine, large animal, avian, and even large exotic veterinary science. Dr. Hurlbert has been with HealthPointe Veterinary Clinic since its inception in 1997, and learns something new every day. She excels at establishing personal relationships with her clients, establishing medical plans that encompass the needs of both the pets and their families, and remaining sensitive to the needs of a pet throughout each phase of its life.

Dr. Hurlbert has two grown daughters-Erin and Adelaide-and a wonderful husband Doug, who cares for the jungle of plants throughout the clinic and performs any necessary maintenance. She also has several four-legged children at home: cats Nickolas and Cricket who graciously consent to “share” their home, dog Emma who can do no wrong, and nine Belgium Waterslager Canaries who keep the house full of song.

dr dee wiltsie dvm dog Dr. Dee Wiltsie is one of our outstanding DVM’s. She received a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Auburn University, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and her DVM from Auburn University. Dr. Wiltsie has been with HealthPointe since 2004 and loves working with her HealthPointe family and explaining the intricacies of veterinary science to anyone who is interested.

She has a veritable zoo at home in her three greyhounds (Franklin, Willie, and Andy), her hound Trevor, her beloved Grace, Francis the Leopard Tortoise, and her uromastyx (“cool lizard”). Dr. Wiltsie loves Hornets basketball, the Carolina Panthers, and anything and everything Auburn. She is actually allergic to all of her patients except the reptiles, and considers the defining song of her relationship with her pets to be “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

Dr. Ruth Bale, DVMDr. Ruth Bale received a Bachelor of Science and DVM degree at Oklahoma State University. She has over 38 years’ experience in the veterinary world and has been with HealthPointe for over 20 years as a relief vet and, more recently, a full-time doctor. Dr. Bale excels at stepping in when needed and strives to provide the best service she can to HealthPointe’s many clients and their humans.

When she isn’t at the clinic, she likes to spend her time gardening, watching movies and reading, and antiquing—or “junking”, as her dogs and cats call it from the peanut gallery.